Friday, February 29, 2008


“We're never so vulnerable than when we trust someone - but paradoxically, if we cannot trust, neither can we find love or joy...

Thursday, February 28, 2008



For Sheren (Sheila Marcia Joseph), Ray (Fedi Nuril) is everything. He is the breath she takes, her soul mate. When Ray is diagnosed with brain cancer, Sheren faithfully stands by his side. Even when Ray’s condition gets worse, Sheren stubbornly wants to continue with their engagement. And when Ray finally takes his last breath, Sheren feels that half her soul has gone with him


some lines in the movie...

LADY ;"SOAL hubungan kita..Aku minta MAAF.."
GUY : "Cuma MAAF?""Kalau kamu memang engak mahu sama aku,kenapa kamu tidak mahu bilang dari awal?"
GUY ;"kenapa kamu harus bercanda"..

showtime in Gsc (valid in midvalley only)-10:50AM 5:15PM 7:25PM
showtime in TGV -11:50AM 2:10PM 4:30PM 6:45PM 9:20PM

P/S if this movie came out while in valentines day...mesti meletup!!...agaknyew lewr.

n knp lewr semua cinta indon nie..mesti ade yg mati2..tak der kew cite yg berpijak pada bumi yg nyata..asyik nak mati,sakit..saje nak tgkap leleh VIEWER..
ape2 lewr..i bukan bercinta lagi!!!...nak tgk..tgk..tak nak udah.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008


there are so much things in my heart...

and i need to forget it...and delete it....

where's should i ve put all those things ..

am i suppose to leaf all those things in just an empty vain..

why everythings i ve done...just doest not fits in the way that i realy wanted it to be..

things changed and things gone...

should i tell the truth and let things gone while it can be ruining what i ve known and have for ages..

pain and lost..accompany me while i am still breathing...

n gone when i just have closed my eyes..

how the pressure can heal things u afraid to confront..

how an angry can make things changes to be better place to live..

can things u dun understand will let u live in ur own world..

to be strong..

just another killer things to do at the moment...


i need to HEAL MY OWN SELF!...

Sunday, February 24, 2008


"With You"

I need you boo, (oh)
I gotta see you boo (hey)
And there're hearts all over the world tonight,
Said the hearts all over the world tonight [x2]

[Verse 1]
Hey! Little mama,
Ooh, you're a stunner
Hot..little figure,
Yes, you're a winner
And I'm so glad to be yours,
You're a class all your own
Oh, little cutie talk to me
I swear..the whole world stops
You're my sweetheart
And I'm so glad that you are mine
You are one of a kind and..

You mean to me
What I mean to you and..
Together baby,
There is nothing we won't do
'cause if I got you,
I don't need money,
I don't need cars,
Girl, you're my all.

I'm into you,
And girl,
No one else would do,
'cause with every kiss and every hug,
You make me fall in love,
And now I know I can't be the only one,
I bet there heart's all over the world tonight,
With the love of their life who feel..
Wat I feel when I'm

With you [x5]
With you [x5]

[Verse 2]
Oh girl!
I don't want nobody else,
Without you, there's no one left then,
You're like Jordans on Saturday,
I gotta have you and I cannot wait now,
Hey! Little shawty,
Say you care for me,
You know I care for you,
You know...that I'll be true,
You know that I won't lie,
You know that I would try,
To be your everything..yeah..

'cause if I got you,
I don't need money,
I don't need cars,
Girl, you're my all.


With you [x5]
With you [x5]
Yeah Heh..

[Bridge 2]
And I..
Will never try to deny,
that you're my whole life,
'cause if you ever let me go,
I would die..
So I won't front,
I don't need another woman,
I just need your all and nothing,
'cause if I got that,
Then I'll be straight
Baby, you're the best part of my day

I need you boo,
I gotta see you boo
And there're hearts all over the world tonight,
Said the hearts all over the world tonight [x2]
Woo Oh.. Yeah
They need it boo,
They gotta see their boo,
Said the hearts all over the world tonight,
Hearts all over the world tonight [x2]


With you [x5]
With you [x5]

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The song was dedicated to me..
wonder what makes the song so special...erm..
Entah lewr..even me did not even heard of this song lagi..uhhu

Saturday, February 23, 2008



then 2dae ..i ve work to part timer job of coz...=)..

taking afternoon shift todae on saturday afternoon..

shift end oweys..

balik tido umah baru


Friday, February 22, 2008



dun have classess...i had lunch with my sis and her matez this afternoon..there were 3 of them including my sista...forgot the name la...ingat sorang jew...meen if not mistaken..n before the lunch i some major problem @my old homiez...there were people who break in my house..and take sum stuff which leaf in it...n my tepon maxis..LOSt.!!not the Hp was a regular phone house tuh..uhhu..spoil la...n ya my BOrders Shirt pun Tak dew...adesh..mane lewr ar eeh...uhhu...

The makan2..n my sis introduce her frenz..and 1 of her frenz asking who is me?..n i was like,i am dak kecixz...not even hav anything in my sharina's relative affair..just a stranger i guess..hehe..if i am her couziee..might be she feel comfortable to tell them..hehe..whatever lah...

after the lunch..headingto the garden midvalley...browsing for courseware for kids...

then tido..

Thursday, February 21, 2008



After being traumatised by her dark past, Nita decides to start a new life by moving in with her cousin Kay.
Kay, a successful model and dubbed as the most beautiful woman in Malaysia, lives on the peak of life with full of zest.
It is in her new home that Nita starts to see odd things or rather a person - a frightening young child around the age of five - wandering around the house. It seems only she is able to see the child. Nita tells Kay about the sightings but Kay refuses to believe her, claiming that it was just her hallucination. Kay then begins to doubt Nita’s sanity. Nonetheless, deep down Kay is afraid as she realises that Nita’s trauma has something to do with her. In fact, Kay is actually the one who is responsible for Nita’s suffering.
Long ago, Kay, with the help of a necromancer named Mak Nek, performed a black magic ritual on the foetus of Nita’s aborted child to maintain her beauty and retain her status as a successful model.
Things turn more terrifying when Kay discovered that Mak Nek passed away unexpectedly and she is now unable to take away the black magic that she practiced off her body.
What will happen to Nita next? Will Kay be able to get rid of the black magic? Will the mysterious child continue to haunt?

That's the new movie just came out in theather 21 feb 2008.."ANAK"-THE MOST WANTED MOVIE TO WATCH!!eRRA ACtING in HorroR movie..??Bagus sgt kew?...Kne la tgk...

N YA, ive bought a new's YELLOWish ADIDAS SHOE...regret after buying!!..uhhu..kenape lewr aku bley beli kasut tuh...huaaaaaa.....=(..Now dah pening nak matching kan bj with kaler ape...tak pasal2 burn rm55...uhhuuhu..

pape listen to this song jew..
-cinta antara kita,duta feat baizura kahar(erika in dunia baru the movie)
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liRik lagu diatas-

sejak dari duluku menyintaimu
kau tahu begitu namun kau berpuraku
masih teringat kau peluk diriku yg telah membuat ku menyintai mu
sudah berapa lama diriku ini tak bertemu mu
mungkin ku harap jua kau merindu ku sebagaimanaku rinduimu

Duta:cinta antara kitatiada penghalangnyawalau akhir usiaku menyinta dirimuku hanya menunggu mumenyata kau cintakuku kan berjanjimenyintamu syg....

Baizura Kahar:setelah kau pergi jauh dari sisi
tiada ku cinta selain dirimuku
ingin bersama dgnmu selamanya
walaupun sehingga ke akhir nyawa
mungkin kau tak mengerti maksud ku dulu pada dirimu
kiniku kan menyinta dirimu itu sehingga ke akhir waktu
Cinta antara kita
tiada penghalangnya
walau akhir usiaku menyintai dirimuku
hanya menunggu mu menyata kau cintaku
ku kan berjanji menyintamu syg....

Duta:sudah berapa lamadiriku ini tak bertemu mu
Baizura Kahar:mungkin ku harap juakau merindu kusebagaimanaku rindumu
Duta:cinta antara kita tiada penghalangny
awalau akhir usiaku menyinta dirimu
Baizura Kahar:hanya menunggu mumenyata kau cintaku
ku kan berjanjimenyintamu syg....

p/s ; Lagu nie....uhhu...SengAL!!...=P

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


my wednesday was like normal....still breathing..alhamdulilah...

That morning wake up early...bcoz i wanted to meet my Manager to dicuss about my shift..and also..take my january's salary as promoter..then making the move to collge like every other day...attend classes..

i came late again..another 30 minutes left for classes..lucky me ,sir not angry..hahaha..then reached in class sign attendace..class end!.my sir did not feel too well..

Lunch at usual place..n then heading to lab..wanted to test my dvd-courseware..adesh...still did not work out...after went to movie..Times Square...
belanja my fINALprojectpartner to watch DUNIA BARU THE MOVIE...since i dah niat nak belanja him..and me wanted to watch fact dah dapat gaji...=)

ulasan filem dunia baru the movie
then after watching the movie..went to pizza hut-by dinner for my famly..take away yeh..

Later,me went to umah baru..ask my adeq2 to turun..pick up the meal..i can see them happy when they recieve the meals..hehe..makan elok2 yeh...jangan nak berebut adik-adikku..=p

Then pick up the syura's home key from my neighbour..since she will be sleepovering @ uitm matez to do ament..then have dinner at kdi at traffic light..makan western..=)..
later syura called..she will be,hurry went home...lalaala...

Tuesday, February 19, 2008



i came late to the class..reached at in front of my door's class..set the strategy "how to come in without sir notices me in..hehe...slowly open the door..when sir did not noticed me..then ,close the door silently,and then..pick the place..and hurry sit...hehe..sir dun even notices me..pun..HAHAHAHA...

class end..
heading to second floor,to get a form to be fasilitator...haaahaa..saje jew...dun know whether i want to submit or not...then hav lunch v my mates @ usual place..then rushing to go work...uhhu..dun want to miss my briefing again...

later,take train to b.tasik selatan..then changes to ktm-rawang..midvalley station...
the train i delay..i reached @ b,tasek selatan 12.40pm..but the train reached @ 1.07pm..sempat tido dgn nyenyak nyew..hahaha..

then later sampai @ 1.20pm..yap..early for briefing..hehehe..
briefing with Mr erwin,naimi,nissa,zam,n sarah..

todae,most of my time at info counter..shelving the book @the same time..

and borders black out 4 few in the dark bookstore for a while..hahaa..then got this lesbie doing the "tuuutttt" thing at the back of the shelve..wayang free laks mereka...uhhhuuhu..

@1030 duty..
back home @ 1130pm...lewat seyh..sempat beli cha kuew teow@lrt university..the best char kuew tiow..!!SHOULD TRY OFTEN...TGK Duit lewr...then balik...

sleepover at syura house again...since my old house has nothing to left..not even tilam ,tumpang ler at syura house...



nothing else matter...hahaha.whatever!!!

attend classes n working..came late..miss the briefing..uhhu..
Today still feel tired..tangan sengal2 lagi...angkat barang berat..then today shelving heavy book plak...adesh..bley tahan...

on the night...headache..dun know y..lack of sleep kot..
syura fetch me,tonitez..we went for supper.she just finished her nite claz..we heading to bangsar eat nasi lemak v ayam rempah...perh...SUPER!!..RM5 JEW...=)..

then later,balik..sleepover again in her homiez..

she had assignment to do i...but me went to sleep 1st..she wake me on 4 am..then she tend to do my assignment..submition day tomorrow..

finish @ 7am...then

Sunday, February 17, 2008


HETIC day for all of our family members..we will moving PPR KERINCHI,LEMBAH PANTAI...still in pantai dalam anyway..n ya Flat house..Then ,early in the woke up...and start packing those things that has not pack yet...n move the perabot2 thing dulu...with my seconds adeq...dia kuat sket..then with my mum..arrange the things
b4 put in the lorry...n my oweys...giv us lectering...whatever,then!!...after the lorry came mum n me..terus punggah barang in the lorry..and heading to our homiez...

when we were reaching there...there's a lot of people with their things queue up for their turn to went in to the lift..there is miscommunication oweys ..with my family members..uhhu...panas2 pun nak bergaduh..malas betul la nak layan...
while waiting for our turn,my neighbours..anak cik lily...went down to help us..all of 7 of them help us...waa..very the rajin one...yg kecik2 pun nak tolong...terharu den..

our turn to put our things in the lift...ape lagi..sumbat jew ar...kasi penuh.hahahha..then went to our homiez..with mum...then my adeq2..(2nd&3rd)..gilir2 angkat barang ke atas...
thanks to anak cik lily...they help us a lot...if not sape jew nak angkat barang yg berat2 tuh...

on 2++..we done with punggah2 barang..(but at old house still has tings yg belom angkat)..lepaks...kat umah baru..makan bersama2...with no electricity...x panas sgt...coz..berangin on that day...around n my 2nd adeq went to old bag is there..nak p kolej sok sush laks...then me take my baju for classes..and balik..kemas2..ape yg left out at the old house..

malam tuh..

me n 2nd adeq went to new house...nak anta my lil bro..accompany my mum kat sane..nak baca2 sket..umah baru kan...then tumpang syura's car..since she pun heading towards there..reaching my mum..tido dalam gelap..wooohooo..gelap...we pasangkan lilin for her..then borak2...and heading down..makan..kat kedai...dekat2 situ...

after lil bro n 2nd adeq...temankan my mum...n me..went to old house..nk preparing my baju n stuff to go kolej...the new house doesnot have
duk umah lame...but I SLEEPOVER at syura house..nobody @my house... lepak2..and doing her house...then tido..

p/ cat sulking(majuk)...she merely know that we will moving out ..n we dun bring her together..ujan2 pun..tak nak masuk umh lame...uhhu..sedih gaks...dun know where to put her..since DBKL state the rule for new not bring pets!!compound rm 2000..uhhu...

ade sape2...yg interested nak tolong jaga my cat?????anyone??..


seminar to attends todae @KELAN DARUL EHSAN,AMPANG.supponsor by my college Kptm. Woke up early todae..Then ironing my baju..sadly, my baju get fav baju kurung plaks tuh...uhhu..generous give me pinjam baju dia...lucky,me she 's got same size like mine..hehe..same2 kecik..=0..

we haeding to collge on having having milo suam jew..n i did not know ain did not drink milo in the morning..sowwiieee..we wasted the milo..Then ,7.30 we gerak to kelab darul ehsan..naik bas ini
adesh!UNISEL BUS?!!Ape daa KPTM NIE..tak mampu nak beli bas sendiri kew...uhhu..

sampai kat sana..around 8++ am...reached there and enter the hall of the seminar..and having morning coffee..but tea for me..i m alegic with coffee..migrain reason..
hall of seminar

morning coffee

the seminar went preety well,conducted by Sir Rizal,a consultant of TAKE CHARGE Company!He told us so many knowledge ,tips ,Guide to start apply the job,the resume,the technic&strategy,the dressing& fact,his seminar never get us sleepy or boring..

evrything was worth it!!...i m not regret attending this s seminar...a lot of things i gain...n my stomach full of food todae...unordinary meals...makn....makn....=)

then,5.30pm..we went back to college..i tumpang umah ain kecik...nak amek my stuff...n take rest jap...tido in 1 hours like that...ngantoks gilewr...then after woke up from my sleep siap2...p night market...jalan..

9pm...wnet home...

p/s still havin problem in uploading my pic...

Friday, February 15, 2008

Talk -Education

Friday,the blessing day of the week..

Like my routine as a student..attend the class for todae!!..Todae i ve gotten "Entreprenuer's Talk"..Speech by Sir entreprenuer's lecterur...the Talk started @ 2.30 pm..

I came late on the talk,because i ve forgot to bring nural testimonial for dean list...which mean,i forgot mine too..the dateline to submit is,i ve to u turn back , from bangsar to my homiez...change buses ...adesh!!
Because of that,i reached at the hall..late 30 minutes..lucky me..the Talk didnt even started yet!..hehe..
Taking the coupon for free meals...then sit down..beside ana..

The Talk much like my ordinary entrepreneur class...uhhu..But gain a lot of knowledge...
Break time!!me meet pn zurina to get her sign on my testimonial...

Then continue attend the Talk...sadly,i miss the meals..that's qualified me as HUnger...uhhu..
Thanks to ana ,n nural for donating theirs to mine...

After that 5.15pm ,the Talk ended..

me went to Ain kecik's rent sleepover..because tommorow i need to attend a seminar called"GET THAT JOB"..
i need to be in college by 7am...walawei..Early in the mornig..the place for the seminar is KELAB DARUL EHSAN,AMPANG..

chitchating with Eet and ainkecik..(sorry ,have to called her v this name)..There are a lot of ain in the collge..THis nickname make her differ..=p.Later, went to cc to print her resume ,to be bring tommorow..Then Dine in at KIng's Tomyam..just tapau anyway..n ya burger without roti too....hehe..cedap..=)..

Then watching Tv3 - something gotta to give film...watching n eating together..
ain sleep early.she got headache..and Eet went out with her bf...lor..

1 am..sleep...

p/s i have problem to upload my pic here,in blogspot..dun know blog look a bit dull..without the pic..uhhuhu..=(.sowwwiiieeee...

Thursday, February 14, 2008



went to classes...really hard to get up in the morning...tired!!but i force myself to wake up..and attednds the 2pm classes..then after finish my class..sum of my frenz want to watch "DUNIA BARU-THE MOVIE"..wee..excited!! went with myfinalprojectpartner,ain,hisyam,and wan...went to times square!!..bought the ticket..but 4.40pm was sold!so,we choose CJ7-comedy-scie-fict ,a film by stephen chow..


From Stephen Chow, the director and star of Kung Fu Hustle, comes CJ7, a new comedy featuring Chow’s trademark slapstick antics. Ti (Stephen Chow) is a poor father who works all day, everyday at a construction site to make sure his son Dicky Chow (Xu Jian) can attend an elite private school. Despite his father’s good intentions to give his son the opportunities he never had, Dicky, with his dirty and tattered clothes and none of the “cool” toys stands out from his schoolmates like a sore thumb. Ti can’t afford to buy Dicky any expensive toys and goes to the best place he knows to get new stuff for Dicky – the junk yard! While out “shopping” for a new toy for his son, Ti finds a mysterious orb and brings it home for Dicky to play with. To his surprise and disbelief, the orb reveals itself to Dicky as a bizarre “pet” with extraordinary powers. Armed with his “CJ7” Dicky seizes this chance to overcome his poor background and shabby clothes and impress his fellow schoolmates for the first time in his life. But CJ7 has other ideas and when Dicky brings it to class chaos ensues.

very hillarious..touching and cute!!..

after that..

went to borders times square and look up for my book...and reserved it!..

then alone...while other is full already...

later went to home..take train..and oweys..=)

reached at my homies area..called my sis..have a little chitchating...

then balik.....

laughther the best medicine

14 feb ..

is there any special day todae..?


but for for todae is...full of laughter..i went to class and to klcc ...doing so called researching for entreprenuer snap pic of floewr bouquet..but at the end ,we dun take flower pic,though..
to snap pic need permission..hard to get ones!!..after that..we planning to watch movie dunia baru-the movie @tgv,klcc..time 5pm...

before the movie started,me ,ana,nural,jaz..went to the garden n snap pic of ourself..
p/s(nural bough new camera)..hehe..

later 4.30..heading down to tgv...we bough pop corn and drink...

5pm..the movie stared!!so,damn excited to watch it...we were laughing from the time movie started till the end..laugh,laugh and laugh!!...the movie is damn hillarious!!..i tell makes me wanted to watch it ever again...=)..anyone..interested to belanja me...hehehe...

end of the movie-my frends wanted to went to petrosains..but i hesitated to go...penat!!in fact, i need to go to midvalley to send my time card for feb working promoter...and go to borders to ask about staff purchase...

around 9pm..i reached at homies...straigh to packing my things..we will moving out this PPR kerinchi -FLAt!!..uhhu...a lot of work to do...

then my finalprojectpartner wanted to meet up to dicuss about my finall project,of course!!promise me to meet at 11..but came at 12++..haaaa...SO VERY LATE!!..piss me off..uhhu..bengang!!

synopsis of dunia baru
As all the characters are going about their daily lives in Unisel, Anizah goes missing. She just leaves a letter on her bed, saying that she is following Fazley to Thailand for them to be married the following day and asked her friends not to tell her parents until they are safely married in the next two days. She asked her friends to be happy for her and signs off.

Of course, Madihah would have none of this and gathers all her friends (Tajol, Adif, Opie and Suzanna) to save Anizah. As usual, the selfish Suzanna refuses as she has her own problems (like working in a ‘mamak’ stall). So, off they (Tajol, Opie, Adif and Madihah) went to Perlis, in Tajol’s tiny Blue Mini Cooper car, to prevent their good friend from getting married to the notorious Fazley. And so begins their zany adventure…

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


tuesday update..

nothing much happened todae..went to college..attend classes...and working for my seconds day..

briefing and attendance with zai,kid,ryan,nazmie,sharina and manager-kak diana...

todae..learns about TLU again with the guide buddy-ryan...learns Transfer in and out...Spo-Special Order...And paging...

then went homiez..syura fetch me..accompany her supper at mcd bangsar..she got fever...

then sleepover at her homiez...accompany her like oweys...nowadays,she live alone at her house .

Monday, February 11, 2008

first day working @ borders!!..

everything was ok..i am so damn exhausted..nonstop,my left leg pain!!i gagah kan jugek..if not i would have skip my class early this morning!but i am not...i went to the class though,eventhough i really feel so tired..challenges!..

anyway,my class @ 1030 am..and my working's shift is 1330 pm..kind of rushing with the pain leg..uhhu..sakit!!!...

reaching at the world of knowledge aka BORDERS,the GarDen midvalley...with the open mrs erwin the manager..he was having his lunch at pantry..and all of sudden i met zana..wanie's friend.chitchating jap..then there was a briefing n new co-worker yg the other manager yuana,taller tan, the gorgues kit, and sharina aka rina (not my sis,k)..introduction myself and start first ,no one is willing to teach me...semua lari..apesal tah..

lucky me, the guider for todae is the gorgues kit..hehe..he told me the shelving and reading the code , remember the section...and other manager,mr ooi teach me paging,shelving and reading the database called TLU(title Look UP)...

and overall was blast!!

a place that i adore to work with...=)

i can see the different between doing the job i like with the job that i dunn really like...TOTALLY DIFFERENT...

ive got to go..
1am already..

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Last review as promoter..

i have been bz lately...i never had time to write my journal of chaotic-life....
just for todae ,im writting a simple review when i was a promoter for the [ast few days...haha..i help my bosh to work from 6 pm on 6 feb till 10 feb(including weekends)..wohooo...penat seyh..lucky me i was working with wanie...i had frenz to talk at last!!all this while, i was so other staff are amoi lor...they speak each other with their language..ahaha..anyway,that's not the big deal...i am a shy person with the stranger actually..hehee...

as far as i being a promoter (before i am quiting 10/2/08)..things went pretty well,and i learned a lot of experince with these job..

1)Thank you that matter - i bet everybody noe this.even a little appreciation means a lot when i was serving the customer.
2)Get ReaL-put ur feet on the ground..- dun expect other country culture would be the same as ours...
3)Doing the job that u dun really like can cost u a me..
4)i would never forget the tarian naga in jusco mid...

n i did take my driving classes....besh even though we almost terbabas...hehe...handbreak still has problem..uhhu..
n multitasking was hard for me...the clucth,break,fuel...all together @ 1 time..a bit hard to handle..

Wednesday, February 6, 2008


running up the time...

will be working afternoon shift todae..still at the old promoter..

The only good thing about punctuality is that it usually gets you an apology. ~Author Unknown

A stiff apology is a second insult.... The injured party does not want to be compensated because he has been wronged; he wants to be healed because he has been hurt. ~G.K. Chesterton

dunno..this quotes in my head for few days...uhhu...

Monday, February 4, 2008

monday update

it's monday update(but update on wednesday)!!

todae,me have an research to do in tabika kemas,ampang!!..early morning,i prepare myself to go there..and my finalprojectpartner came late!!penat jew bangun awal..=(.
he came on 8am..perh!next time dun promise me!ingat!!...

then went there,bukit indah!!breakfast n discussion for todae job!!..a while later reached at tabika!!.
feel excited!!meeting lil kid in the house..hehe..reminds the gud old days at kindergarten...owh sweet..=)..interview the teacher from sabah..

warming and friendly teacher.everything was noted!..but nothing much knowledge will i gain..but overall was ok..

later my partner..wanted to change his cloth at his home...adesh!kne p gaks!n meeting her mom accidently!!haaa...chit chatting with her mom...uhhu..a moment later...he's done.!wanted to go to college..finally..but before that,i ask him to contact his mentor..lucnky me..his mentor not at collge...


suddenly,im tired to write monday update!.

anyway thanks for my fyppartner...BIG THANK YOU FOR HIS HELP ,TODAE!!U KNEW WHAT U VE DONE FOR ME...haaa..I OWE U BIG TIME,MAN....

n ya ,i got the job!!from borders!!haahahaahaa..part timer jew...

p/s meet very busy people on the eve...but say hi from far only..

Saturday, February 2, 2008

i've interview todae..

Tough ones!BoRders - employment!...overall was ok...
wait for the result within 1 week...uhhu...

"Feelings are not supposed to be logical. Dangerous is the man who has rationalized his emotions."

David Borenstein:

Friday, February 1, 2008

remmember this line by my sis sharina " semua orunk ade masalah,ct...bukan ct sorang jew ade masalah "...i will oweys remember that...i keep those "things" inside...trying to be more strong than ever...triyng to keep "things" for myself...even indeed,there is so much pain n inside

i had the most problematic day todae...
but i reckon i have known this darkligh for so long..
eeven if i tell sumone..
there is no change...
there is only sympathy..
and things will burdening people
wasting people time...

nothing that i would gain...

i oweys think that
i could be strong...
stronger than never..
i hesitates, im still a little girl...
still searching for a light to cross the dangerous path...

i might be alone in this world of my own...
because there is no answer...
for the much "happiness"
to strive for happiness..
there is oweys an obstacle...