Tuesday, December 9, 2008

9 december 2008

9 december - my sis sharina bday!

I m giving an overwhelming gifts to her!=)..Actually,It was Last year Plan's wishGifts!..Only now could make it happened!..So,like that la..hope she likes it..=)

To Sis Dear - part 2!.

(suddenly words dah hilang la plaks)..uhhu..
will write a note to her later la...or maybe i just put in my personal journal At home..=)


p/s should take new photo of you ,AKAK!..am running Out of my collections!hohoho..so,BE PREPARED!.=P

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Meeting JFKJOhan...

texts between me & jfk..

JFkjohan = I am planning to be at the starbuck gardens bout 3pm or so m on d way
Ecahz = where is starbuck gardens?starbuck at borders or starbuck at level 2..anyway,will be there 2.30 pm..

Once i have arrived at the gardens

Ecahz = which starbuck then?
JFkjohan = Sorry rushing around.its actually an xfresh former staff/crew gathering at starbuck next to the bridge gardens.if u c me just say hi.i'm running around now shopping.

reached at starbuck the gardens..

Ecahz = i saw smashpop and the rest..but i dun c u,johan..there oweys next time anyway.happy shopping then.=)
walked tru to maxis center to paying bill at the gardens and bought magz&met Suzanna@borders!.
JFKJohan = No..I m coming..Staying there..

entering starbuck the garden..Bought Caramel Cream and wait inside for johan to finish with the crew..and ya spotted NADIA-flyfm in there too..She's ex- xfresher?Erm..now i know her little secret!..hahaha=p

Later just take picca jew..Johan is up for Sumthing need to make a move to sumwhere.

[jfkjohan ,me , nadia]Every1 is bow-ing for capturing picca v me...i know y..=p

from my mp4 left side - the xfresher

from JFKJOhan's Sony "Black" DSC T77 view

Back -Jason Goh, Muiz Rex Musadek (photos),William Lau,Edrei Zahari,Johan,Syefri Zulkefli .
Front-Jenifer Alicia Ooi,Azira Aziz,Albert Ng,Nadia-Flyfm

after finished enter-frame the gathering.. i m rushing to bought my sis's bday gift at midvalley!hope my sis would like d gift,though..=)

P/s azyan birthday todae!happy bday yan..=)