Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Sindarlela-laSt episode

watching sindarlela tonitez!!!..LAst episode lor...uhhu..the ending was unexpected able..1 thing that i like was..when the last scene when zoela narrator telling her though..and i sempat lah capture n recoreded all the script narrator..hohoho..i think there was some part that can i took as moral values...hohoho

"Dalam hidup,cinta boleh datang dan pergi,ketawa kerananya,senyum kerananya,menangis semahunya.
bermula dengan persahabatan,segelintir pula mula sedar bila ia hilang semata-mata untuk rase dihargai ,ada yang percayai cintanya untoks selamanya.
For some of us,finally,i ve been to realizes that life is not fairytale.i need to start over.
Demi sebuah impian tak salah utk kite berkorban ,bila mane ati kita dapat menghadapi realiti,tangis,tangis semahunya,tapi jangan biarkan hati kite terus rebah.
Sejauh mana kite mengenali seseorang,kite tetap tidak boleh membuat penilaian,in life we have to learn to let it go and keep on moving.the more you learn the more time u missed.
Bermula dengan Hati,angan dan mimpi.sebesar mane pon kedudukan kita,segagah prinsip mampu goyah bcoz of love,bcoz we are human being,mudah lemas bila cinta nya lemah,kita harus kuatkan ati,percaya naluri,Just admit it,lafazkan cintaku mahu kan dia.
As for me,hanya tuhan yang tahu bagaimana penghujung idup saya,tetapi saya tahu ape permulaan cinta,terpulang pada kita membuat pilihan,whether we win or lose. and i choose to win!!"

"Cinta pertama tak semestinya bersatu"


Sunday, July 27, 2008

Daughtry Traffic Jam sTreet Party in KL

26 july 2008

i couldnt wake up in the morning..sorry ummi for not attending the LANDSKAP TAMAN with u !!..uhhu..seriouly tak ley bangun!!

Then on noon wake up to attend HI TEA WITH RASHIDI ISHAK..To get to know how he build the website..

overall was good..it's so easy to create a web with the software-portal whizz as along as u know how to use Miscrosoft word,then u noe how to crete d website!how' that easy!!If Rashidi(non IT Background) cann set up his own within 6 hours!how bout u??was that easy??!!also the software pretty cheap too!!
they have rm299

Sub-domain iaitu :-
Hosting space sehingga 3 GB
5 akaun Emel
50 halaman
Bandwidth tanpa had


Domain pilihan sendiri
cth: .COM, .NET, .BIZ, .ORG
(.MY - tambahan RM 50.00)
Hosting space sehingga 5 GB
Emel akaun tanpa had
Jumlah halaman tanpa had
Bandwith tanpa had

right after that hit to One Utama for DAUGHTRY-TRAFFIC JAM STREET PARTY!

i be there on 9++ pm..n DAUGHTRY Start late wei..11pm..uhhu..then they jamming with the latest song follow by old songs..but i went home ealier 11.45pm!!..tak larat nak tggu lame2...then reached home,took my medication.....n farewell saturday nitez!

Thanks to the picca photo resource..ya again i dun have camera..

Friday, July 25, 2008


todae,i m not feeling well,kinda fever!!uhhu..then went to clinic to check up and request MC..yap i got fever..lack of rest kot!!.right after that,heading to astro with unwell body!!..wah!!..then went to KL sentral to meet up my Sis..need to hand over The KAspersky internet security!!..sempat gaks dia perli den nie haaa..hohoho..Suke yeh akak...?i call tasha n sal..they were fetching me there to heading to OU!!..it's been a while not meeting them..then lepak n lastly went to ummi house to prepared for KRU anniversary tonitez!went with public transport!!..

DATE = 25/6/08

it was first time me went to a club in KL..wah gitu!!happening!!..its like dream came true...ye la kan...Nak tahu mcm mane suasana Club..but Not Clubbing OKkee..tak suke..Rookok and arak!!..

Host for todae..Daannny!!

adam in action!!

dafi and adam ( dafi sang adam song,adam sang dafi song)

the lima beb!

Owh my God!!i fall in Love with this duo music- SLEEQ!!(right syarif(Rnb) left alifp(emcee))..

LAdylike - KRU sweeden..


combine group..hohoho..the best part of the night was..when i could see adam forgot intifada-he even bring lyric on stage..funny adam nie..=p

okke,i went back b4 the show ends..10.30pm.kene balik with public transport lor..uhhu..my frenz's car brokedown..hohoho..balik jew totally badan panas..uhhuu..tido!!

thanks to ummi- my patience friend of the nite!!..


Thursday, July 24, 2008

my lucky day


i got a call...first was era people called to inform to collect dauhtry ticket tommorow..at astro...how am i gonna go thre..i m working la wei...

Then second was XFRESH.FM people call me..they called me to inform that i won Passes for KRU 16th Annivesary- 25/7/08...wah,gitu!!...double-winning!!..

Thanks God!!..syukur...alhamdulilah..=)

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


After Received the cd- i won another prize which is DAUGHTRY TRAFFIC JAM STREET PARTY..This time from ERA.fm..Just being Lucky kan...hohoho...syukur!!..
I Was trying to get chelsea ticket but...it's seem that,Daughtry was lucky token for me!!..hohohoh=)..Thanks GOd!!..Thanks Era!!

p/s i m not a daughtry fan pown,just excited to see them LIVE in KL jew...hohoho=p

3 doors down album

Owh,I got a parcel from hitz.fm todae...
i won a new 3 DOOrS DOWN ALBUM FROM -JFK.Crazy show-HITz.fm!
ive collected the cd in my Mail box..

The tracks
03-It's not my time
04-Let me Be Myself
06-It's the only one you've got
07-Give it to me
08-these days
09-your arms feel like home
11-when it's over
12-she dont want the world

Pic taken using my laptop's build in camera..

Monday, July 21, 2008


well, im back,PEEPs!!

writting with the eyes strain again!!7-8 hours of facing on the LCD computer at office then continue with laptop at home...what on earth am i doing this....stop now!ur eyes arhe in pain...forget about this blog..go , take rest!!..urgghhh ...watever...

I m not pretty sure y..It's like i'm addicted to on9 now.i dun know y..but indeed i hate it for other reason bcoz my eyes are in pain,yo...together fatigue a headeache...and hardly take sleep..and ya my eyes gettin more rabun,now...i can see the effect of it..i hate to wear my glasses..its makes me feel dizzy...(some people say if i feel dizzy,that's mean i need to add up my glasses power)..i dun want to...as matter of fact,no matter how much my power will,i hate to wear glasses which make me feel dizzy la..argh, HELP..any traditional way to help?GUIDE ME,PLZ.

alritez,it's seem those past few days i have incredible conflict in my own life..i wanted to scream,so i could reliaf..but nah...that's does not help me any..i m pressure my ownself when i think about my future!!..what i want to be...how i want to be for my future in 10 years ahead!!i cant simply just be like todae , for my 10 years ahead..totally creepy..i admit it ,ive made my mistakes before..and i dun want to repeat that again..as time goes by, i m trying to build something inside me,to 'gali',analyse and reaserch about me , and find my strength and my weakness...in other words, FIND WHAT TRUELY INSIDE ME,GET TO KNOW MYSELF,LEARN TO ACCEPT THINGS THAT I BARELY HARD TO UNDERSTAND ABOUT MY LIFE AND BE GRATEFUL FOR WHAT I HAVE..*ALHAMDULILAH*...OWH,HOW HARD FOR ME...

there's alot more things happened...n somehow im Lost IN MY OWN WORLD...


OWH,That's all about it now...my eyes are killing me...AND ya, I MISS my oldskewlBESTmatez badly...wishing her will be here...so,i wouldnt be SCARED to Confront this...we never been contact for an ages after our big quarreling!!!..

owh,what a long confession...STOP NOW..Serious,My eyes+HEADACHE ARE killing me!!..

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Distance Dreamer-duffy

Although you think I cope,
my head is filled with hope...
of some place other than here.
Although you think I smile,
inside all the while...
I'm wondering about my destiny.
I'm thinking about,
all the things,
I'd like to do in my life.

Distant Dreamer
I'm a dreamer,
a distant dreamer,
dreaming for hope, from today.
Even when you see me frown,
my heart won't let me down,
because I know there's better things to come (Woah Yeah).
And when life gets tough,
I feel I've had enough,
I hold on to a distant star,
I'm thinking about,
all the things,
I'd like to do in my life...
I'm a dreamer,
A distant dreamer,
dreaming for hope from today.

Love this song very much..Duffy-Mercy oweys be on tOp of hit track..
Listen free here

Monday, July 14, 2008


LET IT FLY,so i will feel much relief..

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Kittens in action

>My 3 kittens--->>in ACTION!!

My On9 Matez for the weekends...=)

Monday, July 7, 2008

WON contest

i won prize at 4th place from RAM(really about movie).a contest from metro..

i won 1 free movie ticket

and 1 voucher rm45 Lunch @ menara KL...walawei..=)

the restaurant view only..people not exclude..hehe

Thanks metro!!thanks RAm www.ram-rent.com.my..

p/s to people who "need to be tough enough"...i noe u read dis!!n i am not gonna ask u y,n wat..bcoz i noe who i am...i shouldnt ask anything about u,aitez..nada(zero)..and i just pray and wish u all the besh..i'd never tried to be so busybody..i was just being curious and concern..hope u understand that!!..

Sunday, July 6, 2008


well,todae moniwk i hardly couldnt take my eyes shut!!..still awake and energetic!!
it was 4 o'clock in d morning,though..uhhu
so,since i couldnt sleep,i decided to do housework lor...clean my room,wash my 1 week family clothes..woohoo..
all finished @ 9am..then boom on my bed!!very exhausted night...

At nitez,i went to zahida's house..to test syura's BenQ laptop with streamyx line..
chit chat a bit...till 10pm...wah...long conversation we had(zahida ,syura,n me)..
thanks to zahida-"the very busziest collegemate"...She's willing to help us!!padahal dia aru balik dari kampung kol 7.30 ptg tuh...thanks beb...=)

run fatboy run...-lari GemOOk lari!!

Genres: Art/Foreign and Comedy
Running Time: 1 hr. 37 min.
Release Date: March 28th, 2008 (wide)
MPAA Rating: PG-13 for some rude and sexual behavior, nudity, language and smoking.

A charming but oblivious overweight guy leaves his fiancee on their wedding day only to discover years later that he really loves her. To win her back, he must finish a marathon while making her realize that her new handsome, wealthy fiance is the wrong guy for her.

my comment.
the movie comedies but very violent!..and tak senonoh abit!!uhhu..
overall,this movie gave a lot of moral values....

LOSER Will never be Loser if she/he knows his/her own goal to change to be a better person..

Thursday, July 3, 2008

berfikir aku dengan caraku

Mungkin seperti yang dikatakan seseorang
setiap yang berlaku ada hikmah disebaliknya,ct..
ia berlaku dengan penuh dengan teka teki yang tiada penghujung nya..
aku menanti dengan penuh harapan...
menanti sesuatu keajaiban berkilauan disebalik gemerlapan bulan..

menanti keajaiban
membawa aku pergi jauh dari kekalutan ini
menanti keajaiban
menyaksikan erti keadilan
megharapkan keajaiban itu
seperi mengenali erti sebuah kebahgian sejati

setiap yang terjadi tidak dapat di nyahkan..
semakin tenat menahan
semakin menyeksakan..

Sedangkan yang berkata,
hanya mampu berkata..
yang mendengar hanya mampu mendengar...
Tak mungkin memahaminya
apatah lagi menyelami segalanya
dan adakalanya seperti tidak mengHIRAUKan
mungkin mengalah ,malu untuk terus berSUARA membantu..
atau mungkin mengganggap itu hanya cebisan simpati yg ditagih

tidak mengapa..
mungkin ini satu dugaan yg beralaskan derita indah..
tak mungkin mengerti
dan hanya mampu menerima seadanya...
ukirlah coretan dan semat kan ia menjadi sulaman ranjau berduri hidup sepanjang jalanku...

Tuesday, July 1, 2008



Takkan lagi aku menunggu
kau hadir di dalam mimpi-mimpiku
puasku mengharapkan dirimu
seperti mereka yang punya cinta

Diriku tanpa dirimu
kau tempuhi penuh bahagia
diriku mahu kau tahu
pedih ini kau tak terasa

Warkahku mengharapkan dirimu
seperti yang aku kenali dulu
setiaku menantikan dirimu
seperti setianya terhadap diriku

Tapiku melepaskan mu
melangkah namun tak berdaya
terusku terus menunggu
cinta yang takkan pernah ada



Dah suka sgt kat cite nie...tuh yg display lagu ni kat sini...