Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Upside Down world


LIKe oweys..my update delayed!been bz with my working, and my study. exhausted!!..
yesterday i had quizes for my entreprenuer subject.i only can answer a few of the question.uhhu..

later,i need to complete my assignment.i did not go on monday class.i did go to college but i did not attend the class..very d malas..=p..n ya MARA LOAN , giv us more elaun money.didnt know y..my matez asking me to quit the recent job.s we will be kaya..haha..i am not sure yet..n i need to think twice!!..coz i have to b independence!!..i cant depend on others..i need to earn it by myself...

as i dun noticed,i m gettin to like to be a bz gurl..i learned to be discipline (still learning).also,i dun have to think about the thing that i should not think...a lot of things happenned..and i dun have the time to settle down the things..uhhu..ya still i didnt get any news from my senior..she still mad at me..i reckon..uhhu..

anyways, VERY BUZIEST PEOPLE returned my call yersterday..asking why am i calling her..5 TIMES I called but she didnt pick up my call..sorry,tak dengar kate nya..Nevermindlah..i cant even remmember y i calling her on that nitez..even if i did..i m sure she wouldnt have time to listen...she's bz..there's alot of important things she need to be handle first..maybe next time...

what happened to my final year project!!i dun even started yet.i mean my part,i did not started yet..~3M LEARNING FOR KINDERGARTEN~..HAAaaa..still tak nampak the ways i want to do..uhhu..i need to find creative ideas..where would i find..??

p/s on monday..me watching the MALAYmovie..called CUCI..best!!

Thursday, January 24, 2008


It is friday!!..i had less sleep last nitez..Then woke up early in the morning to complete my proposal to be send today to my coordinator-pn nazuha..Next ,i go for on9..to check emails..it's been a hetic day..and i rarely on9..then suddenly ive received an offline ym msg..from my senior-ixoratasha..the msg said that dun get in touch her anymore..im sure there is sumthing i did to her...might be misscommunication n i terlepas cakap..uhhu.i was shocked at 1st place..then with the guilty feeling inside i reply d msg ,explain things to her n ask for her fogiveness..hope she read that..=(..~redha~

Later,after that,i dress up to go to college..to sent the proposal..drop by at Menara TM..to meet VERY BUZIEST PEOPLE..this time the security is more strict.kindly ask for my hp number..plak!!..next heading to meet her..44th floor.TM GLOBAL.it was like meeting the stranger again..since we're never meet for such a long time...aahhh..pape lah...I HAve
return back her book and give her belated bday gift and en ezz bday gift..cant talk much..since she is bz at that time..

straigh to my college..do some editing and printing!!..we are planning to go to zahida house @ KLANG LAMA.HER BELOVED FATHER PASSED AWAY..al fatihah..waiting for the guys back from solat jumaat at ieka house at pandan jaya..we take bus at maluri U40 and stop at pasar seni.WAITIng for zaorah and ayiee to go together.We take u68 to go to zahida house..am.

we reached at zahieda house @ 5.++ pm.it was me,my finalprojectpartner,ieka,ain,punjunk there..isma and acul reached early..and then..ask zahida how's things going on..i can see her sad face..and i know she is tough gurl..be patient ieda..u can go tru this..we are oweys There for u..makan2 and chitchat with her family memberS..then @7pm we heading back la..
take my things @ ieka house,have dinner with ain,my finalyearprojectpartner,and hisaym.eating kerang bakar which does look like kerang rebus..uhhu..naseb baik murah..after eating..go home to pantai dalam..n tido..today penat gilewr!!..

p/s= my hp rowsak..i dun have evrybody fon number..some of it still in the phonebook
in tha hp..uhhu..

Sunday, January 20, 2008

ive gotten the pic of youth 08(18-20 jan 08) from my frenz zahida...credit to her..The pic taken on 19 jan.



from left jeff robert (friendster PR marketing) right JOEL NEOH(FOUNDER of YOUTHMALAYSIA)

My inspiration-Mr Johan Farid Khairudin=)&My fav kopitiam actress-Joanna bessey

My fav former 3R host-azah & Rapper -altimet

At rakan MUda grafiti and with the sengal streamyx boys(below).

Saturday, January 19, 2008

SOOOOoooo vvVVVeeeey LaaaaTteee updating my blog!!(almost 6 days)uhhu..
how i do begin...ok..1st of all,this week was totally hetic days for me!i have done 2 job @ 1 time!uhhu..penat..Because of that,i rarely on9 and blogging.damn tired maa.

what actually happened on the past 5 days?i have been doing part time job la.after my class ended,i had strict away went for my job.i was doing promoter job.THE MOST HATED JOB i ever done.to be honest i hate promoter job @ 1st place.all because of the too much standing+BORINGGGG. but i'll doing it anyway.FOR MONEY!...uhhu..POKAI!!..

ANYWAY,the job was Borrriing.N my legs were painful..i have to stand for like 4-8 hours per day..perh.the first day,was killing me!!i never been on this kind of job before.so,i had a little problem on handling it.alas,i manage to do it,though.the overall weekdays was tiring!i need to balancing with my job,with my studies and classes n my FINAL PROJECT PROPOSAL.TOTALLY CRAZY+NEW EXPERIENCE WEEKDAY For me!uhhu..nOW I Knew how hard my mom always wanted to work,just to raise me n my siblings..uhhu..SAYANG MY mum..=)

n i wanted to upload photo..but later la...the source still at me...
19th january my partner for final project birthday!!

To be continue...

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Friday update..

i woke up early today..then i started to on9 on the early morning..No one was on9..Then i check friendster,myspace,my blog,email...i continued on9 till almost @ 12 noon..i Remember to ask my sista,..whether she will have time to hav lunch with me..sadly,she canceled it over again..bz!!AHAHA..cam tak biasa jew kne cancel.

Later i prepared to go to midvalley 1st b4 meet my partner 4 final projecct @ KL sentral..sending my form..HOPEFULLY I get that Job..huhuhu..part time only..

suddenly my partnerMates called to pick me up,ahaha..i was on my way to kl sentral..Too BAd!..then soon,Reaching at Kl sentral..Discussing!..NoT dating!!i bring along the Broadband..woohoo..!!=)..

after that,hit to danau kota..browsing!!but Later teringat kat my BRO's B'day..never knew what to give..then pusing2!!..found 1!!hehe...ape dia?secret!coz takut he is readind this..huahua..baca kew?..Then i was trying to find SHREk!!u noe,for my PartnerMatez up coming B'day!!..But sadly,none of that stall is selling one..Nevermind , i already buy other thing pun...AHAHA...

Thursday, January 10, 2008


what's happened in the morning..???..help my mum do the housework..=)..Later on,i get ready to MIDVALLEY..to find a job..Be there on evening for some reason..uhhu..
and then meet the boss!!..she said she will see how's things goes later,and inform me by sms.
after that,i went for browsing..went to 1st Level,2nd Level,3rd Level..serching for things..hehe..secreto.!!Then,my lil sis sms me..she said she lepak with her xschoolmate @pool..so,gerak p sane jap...in the early entering,people started to look "slack" at me....coz im d only one wear a tudung entering...arrghhhh...whatever!!then lepak2 with my lil sis n her matez.(lame tak jumpe dia,dah anggap mcm adik pun)..trying to play pool..haha..memang tak reti..uhhu..2gether asking about her life,new sem,result,famiy...and all that stuff lah..=).

after 6pm,my other frenz called..(ila)..
she wanted to lepaking with me...(i wanna know her breakup's story,uhuhu).she just broke up!!her bf IS PLAYER!!OPpss x-bfla..!!pity her..then meet her,lepaking and browsing 4 my "searching Things"..aha!!jumpe gaks..special tuh..cantik2!!hehe..afterward,listen to her story from A-Z...(WAlking to the GARDEN)..HEADING to the BORDERS..READING la beb..suddenly we chat with the border's staff..she said there's still have vacancy there(IN BORDERS).and a moment later,my frenz apply for the form..ahaha..insyallah if ade rezeki,ade lewr kan..

Few minutes later,balik...

Tuesday, January 8, 2008


last nitez i didnt blogging...I was not feelin well..overdosed.uhuhu.+_*
NOthing Much happened yesterday..it just me felt like "high" cam tuh..hahaha..OVERDOSED..uhhuhu..Just having my rest..Not forgetin,yesterday was my lil bro's b'day..(8th jan)..didnt gav anything special to him..as he being bad boy,recently..uhuhu..i merely buy him a dinner...tu jew..

later on evening,i m heading to uitm shah alam to meet my friend,k-ro

she is ACCA Student @ uitm shah alam. i meet her at KOLEJ SEROJA..while waiting for asyu'nite class end(pJJ),i spend the time by attending ceramah @ pusat pemikiran uitm..

dengar ceramah,about menjana ummah gemilang..sejuk ati mendengar nya..=)..
then we perform solat maghrib,solat isyak..and bacaan awal tahun..(sempena awal muharam)..then after that,9.pm evrything is done..my frenz so c-buk..to fin a coupon.(very important coupon for hostel)..then balik..like always,syura drive..feel a bit sensitive when she talk in loud volume..*angry*..aall because of her beloved bf..memaang taat betul dia..uhhu..WHATEVER!!!...

Monday, January 7, 2008

My ordinary day..i dunno why..i felt so bad today..tak tahu lewr..maybe i am not fully recovered..still a lot of things on my mind...i still seeking..the answers...who i am?Myself..and my future,my frenz..people around me...Things that will show me the way..to cherish the day by day...ahhhaaahhh..the time just not the right method at the moment..for the meditation..ape2 lah..
anyway..i dont have enough sleep last nitez..i dunno y..it happened couple of time this week..my head so ache..adesh..erm...entahlah...whatever it is...i met mix.fm roadrunner this eve..not so much freebiess...i just get magazine,drink and meal..
they were at bangsar LRt..just now..


Raise money...How?..WORK?...ERM....=?

AND I GET THE explaination from the VERY BUZIEST PERSON ON THE EARTH About what happened lately..the answer by email..at last i know what really happened 2 her,understand d situation.dah agak dah.overload works..pity her..hope things go well pasni..n sorry for misunderstanding i ve made..n doakn she cepat2 kahwin..hehe=p..

~~LINDA AND FAHRIN @ZEN MID VALLEY~~pic taken by muh adeq..(working at ZEN,MId valley)

Sunday, January 6, 2008

SHopping 4 shoe...with ZAHIDA @ sg wang...TAk planning pun..we were on ym..then suddenly..things came out..a moment later...there we are..in sg wang..hehe..
searching a shoe for me...never been so easy...as i have the a unique shoe's size..=p..we were doing window shopping in sg wang..to find the best shoe @ the best price..hehe..from level G to IT level..hehe..walking,searhing and talking...there's a lot of thing we were discusing..Never knew ,zahida is Funny+talkative person..
as we walk,and searching..then..i ve found the shoe that i want..same with d old one..but this time is white ok...=)

NEXT STOP LOW YAT...browsing for ipod nano and earphone..

after the Long walking...we stop at MY MOM CHICKEN RICE-LINDA ONN RESTAURANT...then have wonderful dinner...i was odering fishball soup and iced tea-o,while zahida ordered chicken rice and iced tea-o..

we talked and laughing a lot at the same time..she had the same interest with me!!BORDERS,MPH,TIME,KINOKUNIYA..= BOOKSTORE = READING!!fuyoh...TAK tahu plak..and
BIG THANK YOU TO ZAHIDA...FOR the TREAT..SUSAH2 JEW...=P..later on,9pm we leave the restaurant..and heading back home..MONORAIL AND BUS...

thanks zahida!!!you save the day,gurlz...you know what i mean..=p

p/s no wonder my blog was linking to other webpage...it was because the adverlets.com domain name was expired..iskh2...so much trouble for not renew the domain name which only cost USD10... APE Daa...

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Today(saturday).i am going to ana's house..hav to attend sum ceremony.."kenduri arwah"..her opah passed away on last friday(last week)..al fatihah..11.30Am,meetin everybody (k.ain,nural,jaz,suzanna)@ star m.jamek..n heading on to bangkok bank to get bus to ana's house..metrojaya 98...taman medan,pj

around 1++ to 2++ we're reached at ana's house..jammed a bit..that's y we're late..Inside and outside of ana's house.Full of her relatives..busy preparing the kenduri..a moment later we go inside ,salam2 v ana's relative and chat v ana..
Then,Tahlil begins..

after the tahlil,and all the male finished their meal..ana ask me and others to eat.
mulakan dgn bismillah..and makan...the food soo good..Thanks ana..
May ur Opah rest in peace there...amin..5pm..we go back home..

mengantoks ...sbb kenyang kot..then tido dlm bas..=P

Friday, January 4, 2008

Update Delayed..

it's been very bz day this week..with the final project ,seeking 4 supervisor and at the ssame time..my assignment about billionaire..and we've been choosing to make Yeoh Tiong Lay as the title..the pairing was me and shida..at last,after the hardwork.the assignment completed!!!submited to en sulaiman just now(friday)..our entreprenuer's lecture...

ive been crazy to choose the title for my final project..indeed..i want to do a research..but since i have been pairing with the Person GUD in codinG/programmer..i guess we need to do more than just a research...*still thinking*..
To those who knew who is my pairing partner is,WE JUST BEING PAIRING PARTNER FOR THIS FINAL PROJECT!!NOTHING MUCH,K!!!FOKUS ON MY STUDies FIRST...and STOP GOSIP US LAGI..penah dah...
and almost forget..on last 29th dec 07,i accompany asyu n family send her lil bro,edi...to pLKn at miri,sarawak..been in bukit jalil from 1am-3.30am..

Morale story for today
1)focus on what i am doing
2)remember Things will never been so easy
3)work hard

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

HAPPY NEW YEAR...2008!!!....
Didnt Feel so excited 2DAE...for me ,2dae,just like any other days..just a normal day..it's tuesday..n JELATANG @tv3,9pm..(My fav Tv show)!!!n i m in semenyih(till 8pm)..n except todae..i have new resolution..and i keep it secret..ok..=p..n ya,i received many SMSs from my frenz..and 1 phone call from THE VERY BUSY person on d earth..Suddenly she called..wishing me appy new year..so glad to hear that..Dah lame tak contact..since she's being beezie..didnt reply my msg&call&ym...so,i just make myself quite for awhile...bwk diri lewr katekan..hahaha..=p..THE REAL INTENTION IS =DUN WANT TO INTERUPT HER..

i didnt celebrate new year's eve like any other frenz did..i was in semenyih again!! and having BBq..woah..it's so fabulous..EATINg time..
makan manyak2..i was accompany asyura,again@semenyih..last minute planning..and makan n makan...2gether hearing HITZ.FM 70 COUNTDOWN 2007...With JFK...hehe=p..
i have had a lot of meals last nitez..

=AYAM PANGGANG..(not so good) = Lime syrup =WATERMELON
=ikan bakar(TASTY) =PAPAYA
=Udang bakar(not crunchy)
=hotdog&sotong(not bad)
and on and on..

at first,it was raining..i tot it will be NO BBQ THAT Nitez..a moment later..the raining stopped!!Then ape lagi..we'RE(me and asyu's family) heading to the taman..and looks what they have for the bbq!..AND MAKAN!!..

as MORALE STORY for today:
3)TRUST YOURSELF not Others..