Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Yee sang dinner At TGI Friday with FLYFM

Remember about my free Dinner?..Okke Todae i m gonna reveal it here.Last Friday I won a contest by fly fm.It's called "yee sang dinner With Flyfm".I was happy n screaming when i got it..bahahaha..=p

EVENT = Yee sang Dinner With FLYFM Team&Announcers.

VENUE = TGI Friday @1utama

DATE = 3 FEB 2009

TIME = 7.30 PM

aFter My Office Hour,i directly went to One Utama!Meet My Partner oF the day-Salmiza.=)We Both Wearing Red Cloth.Well You know,It's Chinese new Year kan..

Like always la meet Flyfm People.It's my second time having Dinner with them.We(sal & me)had a little chit chat with them.First to arrrive was Nadia&Adam boy..Then later steve,Phat babes,Hunny madu..Ben on MC as he suspected for Denngue.Pity Him.While Hafiz & Basil Working on Night Shift..uhhu..=(.

L-R (Steve,Jules,Prem,Hunny Madu)

This is my Meal for the dinner..=)

Okke here is the photo yeh.

Acap -the cameraman for todae.he's injured for playing sport so much..

Very frienDly steven(Flyfm Marketing) & justice-Glasses man(FLyfm audio Engineer).iF I m not mistaken lor..

Flfym news& traffic presenter-moe & Aush

Female Announcers - Nadia,Jules ,hunny Madu

With Adam Boy(Weekend Announcer)

Me & steve(Rush Hour)

All of the all,i VERY enjoyed the dinner n meeting with the announcers AGAIN!.
Even Hunny,Prem,jules Recognize me and sal now..bahaha..
Hunny - Hey ,U lagi?..Macam MAna boleyh Lepas lagi neyh?(i used to won Berbuka Puasa with flyfm last year)..Sape yg menang?
sal Pointed to me...
i was like heheh..ade la trick yeh...wekekekek..=p

More Picca of Yee Sang Dinner here
AND here

pp/s Sal Thanks,beb=)!!,To Ixoratasha = Wishing u were there..uhhu..

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Free Dinner..Where is it?

OPppSSSsss!...MAkannn Timmeee....

Where did i had my dinner?

Answer Continues in the next entry..