Thursday, November 22, 2007

Give reason why flyfm should give me 2 VIP passes to their 2nd Anniversary?..

what eeh?...Ok here it is..i want to celebrate my birthday with flyfm seconds anniversary..isn't it Awesome?...YUp..of COUrse!!I AM A BIG FAN OF FLYFM Yooo..=)..

that what i tOLD to phat&Ben ,tHE Flyfm BIG BANG BR8FAST SHOW...=)
i won the TICKETS At the end of the show..yess2!!..

did not expect anything.,coz i just maen2 jew pg tadi..boring..while waiting for the school driver to fetch me...8am..

and I passed the computerize test...44/50...hehe...=)

the map ,so i wont be LOst!!!..

21th november 2007 just goes with the wind...

what really happened on my birthday?..ive been celebrating&cherish my day with my best childhood was so very fantastic!!she did make my day very wonderful day!!..thank asyu..(i seldom meet her the past fews month)

as usual..
i get many sms from people who remember my lovely sis,my frenz,big bro.and list the goes on and on..wishing me to have the best in my life..

that evening,after asyu finished her work @office..she called and asked me to get dress ,we went out for a movie..and the movie was 9 september!!romantic comedi fact it is pierre andre(my fav actor)movie..the movie was so hillarious!!i laugh and cry at the same time...hehehe..=P..and ya ,asyu bough me a cake at ZEN cafe.LEMON CAKE..BEB....maSAM!!..

AFTER THAT ,the we heading to ampang..meeting my bestmate@college...lepak with him and asyu...abes kne basuh my friend(him)tuh..haha..nak lawan,best gurl won..

Just in case..The Synopsis of 9 september

'9 September' is a romantic comedy which tells the story of Nia (Fasha Sandha) a very cute girl with a tomboy character who has been recently dumped by her boyfriend. Since then she has kept this hatred towards guys. Her anger is being let out on Kogi (Pierre Andre). Kogi is very much an honest and kind guy. He is seen as someone who is easily a target for Nia to bully. The first time they met was when Nia accidentally entered Kogi's house. Since then many coincidental meetings had happened between them. No matter how many times Kogi is being bullied by Nia, he stills put on a strong front and very much a gentleman most of the time they spend their time together until they eventually fall for each other but this was cut short when Adrian, Nia's ex lover, came back to her.

Without a doubt Nia is still head over heels for Adrian. But her love for him isn't much like it was before. Her mind was always thinking about Kogi . One day Nia decided to fly off to Tokyo with her boyfirend for a year. As she returned from Tokyo her feelings towards Kogi was so overwhelming that she had to search for him but pretty much failed. When she finally found him again a shocking surprise awaits for her. What will be the end of their relationship? Will the two hearts ever be united again in love?

p/s i upload the pic later.. i left my usb at home..

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

20 november 2007


NOw that my exam is over..i willing to do anything i want!!!hahaha...not everything ler..but Most of it!!hehe..

(My favourite *Black Forest CAke*)

my birthday is just around the corner...*wink2*..cant wait.!! i will be turning 20th years old on 21 th november.!!yeehaaa...

and ya my wishes for my birthday..
what i really do want are:

celcom broadband(my streamyx broadband suck)!!

celebrate & cherish the day!!

smile&happy for 1 day!


watching 9 september ..(MOVIE).

and the list goes further...hehe..

that's all for now...

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

FinaL Exam FEver...uhuhu..1/2 Death!!

Dont Talk about life with me?!! you got it,peep?....

Saturday, November 10, 2007

It is sunday morning...(4.45am)

nothing much to write...anyway...because i am seriously sleepy right now...!!
i have to study...for final..the 1st paper is account..uhuhu..horror!!!i never wanna fail this paper!!plzzz!!!!...

my FINAL EXAM 'S schedule..



Saturday, November 3, 2007

३ november

it is saturday...

Just Get back from my Lovely sis's Homiez...@sungai buloh..P beraya ler...ape lagi.hehe
Me and my 21th years old matez,ila(used to work at JUsco together) p beraya..

and the taxi charged Us Rm8..(from ktm sg buloh to bandar baru)..DAMN MAHAL!!..

COOKIES = TAT COOKIES AND ALMOND LONDON(eat my fav only,because i'm not Cookie's Lover)..

then lepak2,chitchatting,watching tv,Laughing..with my sista n my frenz(even sumtime she was bzzing with the textin)

n ya,suddenly,i talked much than b4,Humoring,& Laughing...She(my sis) must be wondering why...didnt she?wHAtEVER!!=p...all this while my sis knew how ive behave when i'm in front her...uhuhu..*Shy*

i guess that was me kot..maybe!!(it's hides inside me so long)hahaha..Now it's Reveal!!for temporary period only...