Saturday, May 31, 2008

31 mei 2008

Went to Maju junction to finish another rm30 voucher..

cant make it to syura b'day celebration at semenyih...
i m working lor..

then p night market..

syura birthday gift???

syura bday is just around the corner...

since i offduty for the day...i m planning to get something for her...
i went to sungai wang..supposely i went to with my frenz..not zahida this time...
kecian her,nonstop hang,let her rest a bit...

reached at time square,it's alreadty's gonna rain...
my frenz tuh,still didnt show up...until it's frenz didnt came...sms my frenz...n my frenz inform to be late a bit...Thus,i just do the shopping alone..
very berani...uhhu...

after the whole alone-observation in sungai wang...i found medium-big blue,i bought's kinda limited edition actually...ever since syura fav color is's makes thing easier..i just bought it,then...

i went home...syura fetch me at kl sentral...i have to hide the cj7 with my sweater..
hehehe..if not,it wouldnt be a suprise lah...
she need me to accompany her to buy cake for her n her lil bro (who share the same birthday tommorow31 may) celebration at her parent's home in semenyih..

at midnight..i hand over the gift to her..n she like it so much..she turn 21 years old,then..APPY BIRTHDAY,ASYU...=)..

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Shopping time!!

my Partner 4 the day.....Like oweys..the flexible tourist/shopping guide-Zahida...

since she's not been in any schedule...she willing to accompany me..Thanks matez!!..
we tawaf Maju junction to get to knoe the participate's tenants..bape kali pusing ntah...lucky us the mall is,we dont mind go tawaf the whole building...hehehe

after the tawafing...i choose to go to FOS and BODY shop...Bough few new shirts and perfume...Body shop is on SALE!!!,i tend to finished my rm120 voucher...

Sooner,when the legs get exhausted ,we chilled and have our meals at maju junction food court...and do the little chitchating while eating in the rainy day...hehe...

at 6.++ pm,we went to meet along @sogo...then...went back home...

pic of the three singleton...=)

p/s no much picca...lupe nak nyew pasal...

Credits to zahida!!thanks,beb..

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Mia Palencia Showcase in BOrders

25 may 2008.
Mia Palencia is sabahan lass.She has powerful soul voice...she much better when she performed LIVE!!..i Guranteed YOU!!..

after the morning shift..i wait for the MIa palencia mini showcase..nothing to do if i went back home,i was chilling and enjoy malaysia independent music for the night...and i am not alone...i am with shady too..she been in mia palencia showcase for second time(fanatics fan kowt).

she performed all the songs in her album...i like d track called "sayang" , "finding my way","i decide"...

the showcase end at 9.10pm..
Here me n mia palencia with her guitar

Friday, May 23, 2008


23 may 2008

when for interview at setiawangsa as for general clerk position...the interview took a few minutes only...i guess i noe the answer y....they expected SPM candidates and i m a
diploma holder..well,it's seem i am out of coverage..uhhu..

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Me ,Ummi,Rm150 Voucher n Wat HAppen in Vegas?

(pic in Sri Pentas's Lift)
Wednesday...hang out with ummi @oNE UTAMA!!..

THe main reason to meet was to meet ummi of coz..n not forgetin to collect my prize from fly fm...what's it?...u guess??+)*wink*
ok,i tell u...The prize was rm150 maju junction's gift Voucher...wah gitu...(Thanks FLYfm,Thanks MAJU JUnction)

i collect my prize @ sri pentas ,south wing..level 2...right after collecting it..we went for lunch..lunch taken @chicken rice shop...the meal was..chicken rice set la...what else to eat in chicken rice..Then we Watch movie..
"What Happen In Vegas'
The movie was hillarious..because of the 3 Millions,they willing to stay their married for's a wacky romantic comedy movie=0

as my own comment = 4 1/2 star.."what would you do when u fell in love with inmature man and u have to manage/treat Him like ur own lil brother"..???Should a man ,Be A MAn????...hehehe

Thursday, May 15, 2008

technical problem with posting area

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

stoke taKe-Borders

(nani in action,nissa sit)

Stoke Take in Borders..14/5/08..

i was suppose to be offduty todae..but since borders did not have enough manager ask me to come todae...waduih...8am punch in...and we all started to have bre8fast 2gether like a big Family taw...The More The Merrier (kak naim,kak diana,Diyana,Lim,rina,nissa,nani,nadia,)...Nasi Lemak as our main br8fast..nissa's mother cook for us...SUPER Nice FOod....


(From left-infront=nissa,rina,naim,Left-Back Diyana,me and NAni)

it was a lot of fun n confusing...we need to verify the scanning and counting made by our helpers...Br8@1pm..and have lunch in pantry with naim,rina,nissa..

the bookstore opened as usual at 3pm..then we work like usual...and SLEEPy..Lack of sleep...5pm went home...n went to night market..

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


muet speaking on tuesday.....morning...
woke up 6am...then take a bath...kejut syura..because she will send me todae..
syura send me to m.jamek lrt avoid traffic jammed around7.30..

reached in my college With empty stimac.h ..and it was pretty early,though...7.15AM..hehhe..then i was taking my a few tips for speaking,with hilal and sha..

8 am..went to a room where each candidates sit n given briefing by examiner..

i was in lina,hilal,sha group..we were the 1st group fOR speaking...uhhu..takut..

8.30 am...speaking done.!!PREGH...FINALLY...

After the exam finished..i straight away went to my take a nap..FEeling sleepy abit

i will be working afternoon shift..1.30pm......=)

Saturday, May 10, 2008


MUET PAPER On saturday...

willing to do it...DONE..paper 1,papaer 2 ,paper3..(5 hours) 1.30 pm..kantoi writting..uhhu..

Then went to Career and Education FAir eith Zahida...Looking for job and Part time studies...uhhu....MAny people inside there,(exhibition Hall@midvalley)....

then reached at homiez..AF must to watch show huahua..(kind of boring already,watch nadia,stacy,and stanley only)