Saturday, November 29, 2008

Antoo Fighter Movie

Event = Watching ANtoo-Fighter ( Hadi Belanja)
venue = GSC Berjaya Times Square
time/Date = 4.30pm/29 Nov 2008

comment for the movie

SUPER-hillarious Movie!.the CGI was SUPER-awesome!storylines was great!Newcomers did a gud Job in Filming the film..

Bodyguard Left -Hadi ,me Bodyguard Right - humprey

We had Dinner at LOt 10 food court!-Picca after dinner-

Humprey n me

me and HAdi

Extraordinary Lepak-ing with Humprey and Hadi!kepala Antoo2 belaka..=p..
To Hadi - Thanks ,beb..Belanja eden..Boleh Amalkan selalu eeh..Jgn lupe bwk BodyGuard ko -Humprey selalu..Kang orunk kate kite p date laks...muahaha..
To Humprey - Jgn sedeyh!.Nanti krimas bley la minta Hadi belanja ko plaks..muahahaha..=p..

Overall,Lepak dgn diorunk boley uat aku jadi gile nak uat bisnes and pecah perut ngn lawak+cite masing2..CHEERS!Enjoy!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Hanging OUt

Event = Karnival Kerjaya+Gomobile
Venue = PWTC
Time/Date = 3.30pm/23 nov 2008

Sal cant make it!then zahida seems to be free for today..while my siblings are boring staying at home..we decided to bring along the bunch of my siblings to join me..

The crowd

AFter that,we having dinner at Mcd

[ieda,my lil sis n her frenz,me&my lil bro]

The Siblings-[khai-my lil-Mr-Beans-bro,Me,Alang-my lil sis]

Me & ieda-AGAIN!!(unexpected same colour shirt)

p/s distribute some of my resumes.Have fun hang out v my siblings n ieda!

p/p/s Syakirah birthday today!happy birthday

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Suprise again..=)

Delayed Blogging...

Event = Birthday Surprise Celebration!
Venue = Petrosains(Suria Klcc) - Skybridge KLCC - Secret Recipe(Bangsar)-Sal&ummi FULL treat.
Time = 8.30 am - 4.30 pm
Date = 22 NOv 2008

breakfast(ummi puddings)in the car before ive closed my eyes for my surprise

To Salmiza & Ummi...

THanks A Lot for the surprise girlz!having much fun...terkejut like hell la..lagi-lagi surprise at secret recipe..never forget that one EVER!!The petrosains was very educated!n SKYbridge was totally Out of mind!..i love the view so much!.sadly,we were only there for 10 minutes!..n ya,u guys did wipe all my tears..


p/s i have hundreds of piccas for this..but might be keeping the rest for my personal memories..hehehe=0

Friday, November 21, 2008

Birthday on 21 th November 2008

Turning 21th years old on 21 th November 2008..


1) Sony ericsson wifi Hp = w96oi ( Keep on dreaming )
2) Nikon D80 ( keep wishing it, Should change to Nikon D40)
3) Book - The Gift ( Maybe , Maybe Not)
4) Fly 3rd Fly-niversary (Gifted By Prem Flyfm)
5) Impak Maksima The Musical ( Gifted)
6) Selamat Pagi Cinta (Gifted)
7) SONY camera-skinny T(DSC T77) - ( Keep on Dreaming)

Happy Things On my Birthday

1)My mom Wishing&kissing Me.. i luv u mom..
2)Greetings&wishing- texts from my family& friends.
3)Admin department gave presiee to me
4)Another tedyy Bear gift
5)Flowers..=)..i love REAL Flowers!..muahaha
6)Watching "Selamat Pagi Cinta"
7)Zahida Accompanied Me.
8)Black Forest Secret Recipe-Cake
9)Perfume from my lil sis.
10) jfk send message on Facebook

Sad/Unexpected Things On My Birthday

1)My Sis- Sharina did not even remember my Birthday!I dunno why..She never Forget The DATE before...she's seems to be AWAY from me lately..Been Bzzz Like Oweys..erm,entah.
2)"Unexpected" Thing which make The whole day turn to HELL..

p/s i have a STRONG&BAD feelings on the beginning of the day,that "sumthing" fishy will be happening on my bday..But i guess , that was it...I M SO RIGHT!Dun ever Deny ur Heart say..hohoho..

pp/s 21th years old =an age to the key of freedom..isnt it that real?..I have to think to gROW Up!..Future for mE ,Future For My Family...=)

Thanks To ALL for Making My day!it's either bring me happiness or sadness..i m grateful for both of it!DOUBLE JUMBo On 21th Birthday yo!..BILA LAgi..=)

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Biskut Bestfrenz

Event = Meeting&dinner with mY "Biskut" Bestfrenz
Venue = Tepanyakki Restaurant ,Midvalley
Time = 6.00Pm-10.00Pm(Midvalley)

On that morning..i received a sms from unknown number..i dunno who is he/she..untill at one point i give a warn to the stranger..after awhile the mysterous was my long lost bestfrenz-HIM!..uhhu..suddenly he came out from i dunno where..HE wanted to cee me After work...

Meet Him,and have dinner at teppanyakki,Midvalley..we talked!we discuss about him n her GF!..i dunno what happened to them..He asking about my life...uhhu..after 6 month,aru nak jumpe..ape ar Bestfriend mcm nie...abes i had complained directly to his face..hehe...

me and "Biskut"(kejap ade,kejap ilang) bestfrenz

The Tasty-Food!

p/s i dunno when will i be contact v him again...he appeared to be like "biskut" nowadays...Changed phone Number n everything...uhhu...maybe next 6 month/1 year/2 year?who's knows?...Thanks 4 the time BESTFRENZ...=S

PP/s Tommorrow is my bday...feel likes excited+worried abit..=/

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Impak Maksima The Musical

Event = ImPak MAksimA The MUsical

Venue = Panggung Sari-Istana Budaya

Time = 8.45 pm -10.45pm


RM 80 Ticket!(after discount = RM 65.50)

Im Dying to watch the musical!Finnally,i have made it!..Hoho..i have zoom Straigh away from Damansara to Istana Budaya..weee..nak tgk sgt2!..reached there earlier...then,go makan2 first! 8.45pm the show started!..The Musical was awesome!!i Finally fall in love with the musical/theather...

The cats for Impak Maksima the musical

the casts for Impak Maksima the musical



the trio - with cat farish

p/s Really Had Fun..=)..coming soon show- puteri gunung ledang...sumwhere in Jan 09!..Mahu pegi enggak?..hehe..see the schedule&arrangement first..btw,thanks to sal & Ummi for accompanied me..=)..

pp/s ; Hope that i ll get bz for the next month too...cee how,Maybe and Maybe not v them(ummi&sal),maybe just me..handling on my own weekend-Life...muahahaha..*crapping around*.=p

Monday, November 17, 2008

Lakssa Shack

EVENT = accompany syura to buy her bro wedding gift

VENUE = sumhere in Midvalley,Dinner/Breakfasting-laksa shack!

TIME = 8.00-9.45 pm


Singapore Laksa with otak-otak

my childhood's friend -syura

Nasi beriayani.yum..yum

Btw,thanks for the treat-belanja awal for my birhtday...

p/s I dunno why she dun asked her bf to go with her(like usual)..then,i think..watever la!i m not interested to know y too lazy to make any judgement the end of the day..i m the one who got to be blame..aiyak!!all i need NOW is = Learn to live with it no Matter How Difficult the Subject is..

Sunday, November 16, 2008

wedding-aisyah zain

EVENT = aisyah zain's Wedding

Time = 2.00 - 3.00 pm

Venue = Bangsar

i went out for aisyah weds..still tired..but still excited bcoz my 21th years oldd oldschoolmate(smk bukit bandaraya) get married todae!.hehe.and today was very HOT day...uhhu..panas2 panas2!..

Opening for Pengantin..

Front - aisyah with her husband! ,Back -me ,ummi& sal

After the wedding..we went to midvalley..Ummi wanted to go to maxis center at the garden..some technical problem...browsing around awhile then home..

Penat!!but was really worth it!because i merely wanted to get myself bz....yeah!penat...

Saturday, November 15, 2008

3rd Flyniversary



TIME = 2PM- 9.30PM

me& Hunny Madu

Me = hyi Hunny! Take picca jap.>
Hunny =,datang dgn sape?Mana kawan yg arituh(FLYFM berbuka puasa)>
Me = owh ,dia ade event lain..tak dapat datg!so,bila nak update blog
Hunny = owh,Hunny Technology ni lambat sket
salmiza = eleyh,Benda turun naik turun (radio machine) boley?..
hunny = Owh That one..*blushing*..hehe.
Me = Btw,ape opening act malam nie eeh?...u nyanyi ke?main gitar ke?dak 5 jingga tak datg ke?
Hunny = owh,ade la..tak suprise la kalo hunny bagitahu..5 jingga?owh JinggaGENG!.owh datang2!btw,korunk dah lunch dah?
Hunny = ok,if blom.go eat.then dtg after party start.
Me = owh,mmg dtg balik nanti nak take VIP passes kan..=)
Hunny =owh Great!hunny on air jap eeh..

me , Ben(recognize me for my mp4! & jules(know me as Ecah-IKA @Facebook)

Ben = I knew YOu!YOU r the one in FLYFM berbuka puasa with us right?I know You becoz of this(looking at my mp4)..where ur friend(the one with flyfm berbuka puasa)?
Me = Owh,she has other event to i bring my other firend here.(showing at sal).
Ben = i,come take a photo of us..

Phat babes , me ,and THE MAN!-PREM!

Me-Phat babes = Remember me?the one who sang HAPPy 3rd FLy-niversary for flyfm yesterday monink?
PRem - ME = hyi eCah!
Phat babes = owh yes!thank you!thank you!Bley nampak ke my face nie nak take photo..
Me - Prem = hey,hyi!(gugup)!.he knew me!..hohoho
ME -prem- Phat =so,guys,lets take photo la..

Nadia , me , my friend(Salmiza)

Me = Hyi!Nadia! are you?..Remember me?the one sing happy bday song yesterday monink?
Nadia = owh ya..Thank you!Thank you!datang dengan sape?
Me = with dia ni(salmiza)
Salmiza = Nadia..i m Leon frenz who did the interview with you guys in Pagi Show!..
Nadia =owh, ya!..i,how's she?..what she do now?
Salmiza = she fine...n..blalala..(cant recall the script)

me and FUNNY guy-Flyfm Dj Hafiz

Me-Hafiz = Pinjam Topi Boley?nak take picca for my frenz(suzanna who cant make it)
Hafiz = boley2..

Cameraman-Acap(FLyfm web content Editor) n me.No wonder my face is at FLYFM 3rd anniversary webpage photo..It's HIM>

Me - Acap =Hyi Acap!nape tak balas my email(wanted copy of FLYFM buka puasa pics)
Acap = Hyi!eh ade anta ke?acap tak dapat la..
Me-Acap =Ade la..
Acap = owh.tapi acap tak dapat la..maybe Server kat office filter email yang masuk..nanti try anata kat gmail acap,k..
Me - acap = ok take photo jap eeh..
acap = sure!
Me =Bape beli NIKON D-40 tuh..(sakit hati &JELELS)
acap = Kamera ni =rm15++ then campur with the lens around rm 2+++
Me = owh ok..
Acap =Ok,acap amek gambar(using D40) korunk berdua(me & sal) plak..

FRom ACAP D40 camera!

The artists!

BAck-(One buck shot)the band,front-ben ,me ,hafiz

BAck-Bittersweet.(the band),front-Basil ,me &the MAN-PREM

Me-Basil-Prem = Take photo jap!
Basil-Prem = eh,Boleyh..ecah
Me - Prem = tHanks! it is(i m giving a card to him,GRATITUDE CARD OKke)
PREM = Thanks ECAH!<
Basil = Prem jew?..I M JELES!..
pREM = Reading the card!n ill put that in my office..

moenasrul(he recognize me yoy know!aiyoo malu.he straight away put this photo to his blog using internet mobile),me n salmiza

Moe = girlz..i need to do a recording of the voice for celebrating the flyniversary!!do you mind be part of it?.
Me&sal =huh?
Moe= just say watever you want for flyfm..
Me&sal = i tried.
THE SESSION end a few minutes!
Me= moe can we take photo of you..?
Moe= owh sure!use my camera!
Me &sal =okke
Moe =ill put straight away to my blog(internet mobile).so wat should i put ur name?LoneRanger or Ecahz?
Me= i was like? owh you knew me?..malu nyew
Moe = dont think that i dunno?..u always reading my blog aitez..
Me = yap!*Blushing*

after taking VIP passes..take another photo of them

the goodies bag

This goodies bag is smaller than b4!.Less FLYBIES!..inside got t-shirt!magz!notepad!pen!that's all!.but anyway!thanks FLYFM!..=)


no picca for the konsert!MP4 blackout for night picca!uhhu..
9.30pm went home..The Party was awesome!i love the Oppening Act!