Friday, October 31, 2008


kak farah bought a new - Dell Inspiron 1420...

me play the DEll Inspiron..

pic taken with the dell inspiron build in camera...

front-,me & kak lizah(last day 31/10/08)

Back -,The owner of dell inspiron 1420&Newly Wed(kak farah),kak Malini

Farewell to kak lizah...since todae is her last day...=(..i bila lagi..uhhu..

Thursday, October 30, 2008

flyfm myvi troopers


Location = KL sentral

Time = 6.40- 7.00 pm

Andrea and new-myvi troopers in action


Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Jamuan raya part 2

at night = i had jamuan raya at my flat..


so kenyang....=)malas nak update byk2..

Jamuan Raya

Jamuan Raya @caidmark

29 October 2008

time 12-2pm

Our Big bosh Given the speech..He did mention about the reccession..uhhu..

Variety of Food

Me,Malini(Admin Exec),Norlizah(National Instrument engineer)

me , Malini(admin exec),and Pn Zaleha(admin Manager)

Mss Julaiha(Senior Software Engineer&me

cik Nurhamiza(Research Engineer),cik Norlizah(NI),Me,& cik Noreen(software support engineer)

Man At the back -Hadi(despatch),woman in Blue-pn.Jamilah,woman in green-Huda(National Instrument),man front-Esmi(HR Exec)

me n pak mat(MD's driver)

Specky Man - En Faizal(System Integration Manager),Man in black- En Asri(Head Of Realibility Unit),Man in white-En Kamarul(senior Finance Manager),Infront kamarul is En Yusof(LumuT branch)

Front-L-R= Mrs Suaibatul(Analyst Programmer), cik Nordiana(Penjara Branch),cik Julaiha,Puan Azan(analyst programmer),cik Noreen
Back L-R= me,...,Pn.Jamilah(Account exec),cik Faridah(Puspeka branch),cik NOrlizah,cik Norhamiza,cik malini
that's a little bit of intro for staff in my workplace....It was Blast of jamuan Raya..It was my First time celebrate jamuan raya here kan...=)

Monday, October 27, 2008

oPeN HOusE Sis- ShAriNa.

Happy deepavali To all the Hindustism..



3 PM - 6.30 PM

I have decided to go to my sis-open house...even indeed i know..i will be lone ranger there..hohoho..Belasah jew..=p..At first,i have a little hiccup at home..even when my sis&my bro called i did not pick up...oh,my apologies to both of them!i dunt want them to know wat's i ve been tru at that time...ala...they wont even care pown...if i did tell or not...hohoho...i know who i am la... *wink*

The Multi-Foods was Super-Delicious!!yum-yum

One thing, i love about when i came to my Sissy house was...HER 4 fluffy cats!!saya sangat suka dgn kucing2 dia...*wink*...

End Of the warming open house..En ezz.drove me to KTM-SGbuloh..and of course my sis follow too...=)..

En.ezz(Big bro,my sis's bf) n me

me n my sis

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Launching Impian-U Mobile Part 2

Part 2...

Before I is the Vclip from Irfan Khairi n Blood Brothers(muz& Razzi Rahman)

Then we have been introduce for the IMPIAN PLan...
what's actually is IMPIAN??

IMPIAN is another J&C telco product...but this time the product is U-mobile..Capital to run this type of investment is rm5000(u can apply for Loan)..Registration Fee is Rm500+100(process fee)...Then Share 5 people-Network(each person rm500)..Includes 1 year renewal fee which is rm2500 or rm5000*terms& condition,and admin registration rm100 monthly..this just a little bit of the plan...if you want to know come to IMPIAN Talks later,OK!!..

with the IMPIAN's ambbasador -Dr Irfan Khairi

Next Stop Pavilion..

watching subaru palm challenge by

i have been brainwash with humprey n hadi...adesh!!..they are business minded..dont play-play...Btw,Thanks Beb!!..u guys guide me a lot..But i m still Takut to be involve in business..uhhu..i m not ready YET!!..after the Long discussion with them..i heading to home by monorail...safely reached home 9++pm..
here is the door gift

1) U mobile sim card starter kit

2) motivation-sale Book from dr saiful Bahari

3) Impian Starter kit

p/s i miss meeting my facebook's friend -rina..maybe next time...surprise me,i met my lecterur too...Puan Rokiah is the name..*if i m not mistaken...

Launching Impian-U Mobile Part 1




I planned to go there with zahida,hadi,n humprey..since zahida was not available for,three of us heading there is been a while we did not contact..everybody was bz with their own life...the boys bz with college n me..?v my works!hoho..we had a long conversation..asking Hadi about the rumour of buluh emas..n humprey v progress of his small business he'd been doing..

tHE Trio-me,hadi n humprey in the hall before the lauching start

spotted pair of guitars in the hall.who will be performing??

sesi tandatangan MOU,Dr irfan Khairi and CEO j&c-Alan Lee

sesi penyerahan MOU

after sign up to the banner(this pose specially for me taw)

Then break...we had a tea time...outside for public...and inside for media..

Delicious Cup Cake,I love it!

Delicious chicken finger

Having tea with Humprey...Thanks Mr Photographer-Hadii

continue..Next ,Irfan Khairi & Blood Brothers,"Impian",Door Gift...

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Borders again..

(dina,suzanna,n me)

Miss working In Borders!!miss my fellow frenz too..I lurve working here..=)..A job that i love doing it..=).....

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Sejuta Kata maaf

Sejuta kata maaf ,
Sejuta mohon ampun padamu,
Tak mampu kan ku kembali untuk bersamamu,
Bila kau pergi,
Jangan kau tangisi,
Inginku pinta,

Memori Indah menemaniku,
Jika kau masih kesedihan

10 tahun isi dan kuku
10 tahun kami sehati sejiwa
Inginku bersamamu,
10 tahun lagi tapi bukan ku tentukan

Ku ingat lagi saat
Lahapan lilin pada kek hari jadi yang pertama
Kami rai bersama-sama

Jangan kau tangisi,
Inginku pinta
Memori indah menemaniku
Jika kau masih kesedihan

Hanya 10 tahun lalu kami berkenalan
Terlalu pendek untuk berpisah
lirik dari5 JINGGA

sad episode this weeks-when (jed) passed away...
Owh How Much I Hate to cee another losing a bestfriend scene!!..make my jiwa kacau jew...uhhuhu='(

Monday, October 20, 2008


Monday-Blue at Office..
still not feeling well..


posing with the certificate/award at my workplace..

My sis called for OPEN HOUSE on Deepavali day....hohoho...Finally!!i thought she dont want me to go for raya at her homiez...she's a tad bit like emo...tak ley bergurau laks...iskh2...ape daaa....

BTW,sapee Yang saya mao bawak eeh..uhhu...=?