Monday, March 31, 2008

final project????


Came to class like ordinary day...
sir gave back my test paper...n i ve got full marks for my test!!yes2!!!...
that's what we called "balas dendam"hehehe..who is said i could not do it??!!!..i can..

then after that..
have my lunch...then went to midvalley...working...

that nitez...
remind my partner for final do his work..his part..of coz!!..NO BULLYIng oKKee!!..we already assign the works..n it seems..everybocy love him i just tell the truth here...i dun BULLYing him..we already delegate the works..n of coz..THEY DUNT Know Him well..
So,SHUT UP & WHATEVER..peep!!..


ntah bila boleh siap final project tuh...due date dah dekat..uhhu...

Sunday, March 30, 2008



wake early todae...then lepak2...still looking for resource for my final project..baru nak cari???...uhhu..what to do meh...
then went to borders...afternoon shift...been assign to be cashier in hetic day todae...waaargghhh....i am dead!! many people queue up...and so slow credit cards machine..uhhu..added with my first time working on public holiday..NOOOOOO!! many many not good faces...and so many many drama..

This 1 malay couple..trying hugging n kissing EACH OTHER in front of me..!!WHAT??!!berbulu aje...n lucky me,i m,tak nampak ler "adegan" itu..but my supervisor said...perh...they were so brave to do that in public...damn it!!...

"haaaiyahhh..why the credit card so late..??tak de lain ka?..penat tggu.."
"aiyooo..u sorang ka,jadi cashier...kedai besar..tak da orang?"
"adeq,u time jew la quantity tuh by need to key in 10 times lorr.."

after key in a lot of items..i get confuse..i added 3 books while actually there is only 1 book only..i have to scan&recalculate all 15 items again..and the customer was like.."scan&count again..i dun care..and suppose it has to be more(RM).."that's all about it lah..

bored saturday


No classes...but i have work to do..morning shift todae...
Late!i was taking can to midvalley...scared to be late...

then at night..watching AF6...with asyu and my mun..

what a bored AF6 this time...uhhu...keciwa saya..btw, fav student this time is saida , nadia , toi , naim , stanly..

n ya..before slept..thinking about my final project...searching some resourse to add at my final project
cuak gilewr with my final project yang tak siap2....uhhu...

Tuesday, March 25, 2008



i have test for entreprenuer subject..i m well prepared this time...
want to get my marks,ive studied so hard..

The estimate time was 1 hour..and i ve been given 6 questions with the subquestions 2 questions each..

finished..have lunch..then start working at 1.30 pm..

Monday, March 24, 2008

First time cashier classes..Sir gave us holiday todae..

Just went to borders only lor...Working..
i have to be chasier todae..=(..very sengal ones..

Then todae i have a chance to take photo again..with borders staff..
candid mariam and zana eating

candid camera on aliya..

THE proper ,mariam,aliya(cash office aka my high skewl matez) and zana(inventory staff aka my high skewl matez).

me and kid(coz "jambu")..aka fakhrul..

another Sharina in my LIfe..i called her Rina..

zoo malacca community service


AFter annual dinner..went to zoo malacca ...very rushing..assembly at college by 7.30am..with our mentor-miss Rosliza Manaf and some other matez..we having br8fast 2gether before leaving the college..and 8.++am went to zoo malacca...

In the bus ive sitted beside Mr Millionaire-want-to-be..Mr Hadi..aka my bus ride partner for the day..

Here some piccza in the bus while on the way to zoo malacca..

arrived at zoo malacca..

BRiefing about the Gardening...Then Lets start Tanam Pokok lor..Community service..tanam pokok..

while we were gardening..we have a chance to see elephant showtime...The elephant were so clever and obey with the instruction..the best part was..when the elephants can dance too...tooomeeeyy..
with Mr CameraMan ,Masrizal.below is nissa

after that lunch..then take photo...AGAIN!!!..HEHE..

heading down to town in malacca..haha..dah lame tak p jengok...last time visit was in stardard 6...uhhu..

Later makan malam (6.30pm till7.30)..makan ikan bakar beramai2...di..

Leaving Malacca at 7.30pm and reached at collge by 9pm ..very tired!!reached homiez..10.30pm..

p/s so much fun todae... Gud Meditation for me...

Sunday, March 23, 2008

full coverage of annual dinner

saturday update.!!!my annual dinner...

DATE = 22 MARCH 2008
TIME = 7.30 PM - 12 AM

I Came late to the is because heavy raining at my place..i went out at 8pm..and reaching there by 9pm..taking the Lrt and star train,u know..the event went pretty well.i need to register before entering the hall..all student dress verry..cun n macho ones..n me sitted at table number 7.with my fellow frenz..(kak tun,kak lia,nural,ain,ana,jaz,suzanna,liza,fana,and nadia.uhhu..

We had live performance by bands of our college...they were all the talented bands.

notforgetting the meals of the so lah..

at the end of the dinner the mc announce king and queen of the dinner..
me and(king of the nitez),mr amir..

me,sha-queen of the night,and hilal

pics of the nitez(with gurlz)..

pic of the nitez(with boyz)

after finished the annual dinner.we had problem with the car..along car breakdown again..uhuhu..delay a while...

then at 3am reached at homiez...sleep at 4.30am.woke up at 6am..for mentor mentee community at zoo melaka..i have to be in collge on sunday 7.30am

p/s ; i never plan to wear the same theme as my FYP partner tuh..SO STOP GOSSIPING US!!uhhu..