Friday, December 24, 2010

Nostalgic November

November :

1) They were there, supported me(at least they were trying). we went out for jogging at taman jaya. They trying to cheer me up. yes they did. alhamdulillah. i have been surrounding with compassionate loves by my friends in my gloomy days.

2) hide&seek flashmob ( stopchildabuse)

Not forgetting : MY birthday! 21st Nov 2010.

Ive got prank with my bestie : syura & dayah , rina.

They hide me eyes with that doraemon thingy. my eyes was folded with that from car park to tutti fruitti outlet at bsc. embarassing! but was FUN!!. SURPRISING FROYO-ING BIRTHDAY PARTY!!!:D

Dapat banyak hadiah :) suka....

1) Coklat by rina
2) Pen with my name on it by syura & hafiz
3) Blank Note book by dayah

froyo-ing with kfc meals for everyone :) Alhamdulillah.

a part from that. i received a suprise call from jfkjohan from!! He's remember my birthday,somehow!!!how awesome!! i was so freaking shocking & HAPPY!!!.. :)

Jom dengar :
Here was " the audioclip btween me & jfkjohan"!! i heart you, johannn :D

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