Saturday, December 25, 2010

Delightful December

December :

1) My final exam for sem 1. Hard to do it! but I NEED To pass it ALL!!!. studies with my friends.

L-R : Sha , shida, hana & me

2) Putrajaya outing - My belated birthday celebration.

They been busy on my birthday. so, they decided to gather all & hang out together at putrajaya. we tawaf all the putrajaya places. redah all the Hot&windy weather. I had blast!! :) Thanks all.. walaupun lambat... you girls still make time for me..

3) Pd outing with family syura.

Me,my lil bro & mummy went holiday with syura's family. It was quick escape for us. but we LOVE it a lot. :) & my mummy deeply happy when she gotta enjoy the holiday with syura's mom. lama tak jumpe la katekan...

p/s picca tak banyakkk.. banyak picca kat abang syura.

4) "siti di alam fantasi" Theater. Love liyana jasmay :)

Invitation by a friend of mine. I didnt bring specky.. just using telescope to see the whole show. ;p

5) outing.with siblings & friends.

6)) Tasha's Surprise B-day party plan;

1. Call Mummy n tell her about the plan.
2. Buy the cake.
3. Drop Ummi n Ecah nearby the house.
4. Salmiza brings Tasha out for a while.
5. Ummi n Ecah enter the house and complotting with the family.
6. Sal is on the way and we are all hiding.
7. Tasha enters and wallah! SURPRISE!!!

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